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I’m just your girl next door type that likes to enjoy life, and be a bit of an exhibitionist.

Cassi in Vegas

Cassi in Vegas


Hi, Hola, Cześć, Ciao, Hallo, Salut, Hoi, I’m Cassi Ridder.

I started traveling some time ago approximately 30 years ago, when I left to go to Europe, and I’ve been exploring the world ever since. However, my story isn’t a typical blogger’s story… I didn’t sell everything to travel because I had nothing to sell. I also didn’t quit my job or leave a boyfriend.

I believe that you can be an adventurous female without having to quit your job, university, or sacrificing your relationship. There’s also no need of changing your wardrobe to baggy shorts and old shirts – you can definitely dress fashionably and go for an adventure! And before you assume, I’m most definitely not an effortless fashionista who does weekend trips with a full designer wardrobe. My wardrobe is often adjusted to my personal flares 😉

One day you’ll find me in a luxury hotel, on another I’ll be on a quad riding next to an active volcano/ocean, or hanging on aerial silks in the woods…

Cassi in the Dominican Republic

Cassi in the Dominican Republic

I want to show you the different aspects of travel experiences and how can you travel with purpose and learn from it.

I’m here to prove that you can be born in an unprivileged country, suffer from chronic diseases, and still live an adventurous lifestyle. Dream big and learn from your travels. If I could do it, you can too!

Being born in Canada, to a regular family, I knew that I most likely wouldn’t be able to save up a lot and travel for a while. Neither was it something I wanted to do, as I wanted to go to school and work, and have kids rather than just taking a gap-year.

I’ve learned how to order a drink and say thank you in a few foreign languages and focused on becoming a jack of all trades in order to make my skills marketable enough to live  my life to the fullest.

But the life of travel wasn’t always a bed of roses. I’ve been diagnosed with a few chronic diseases that prevent a lot of people from traveling, but it didn’t stop me. I didn’t give up. Over 11 countries later I’m still exploring the world and not planning on stopping anytime soon. I disagree that you cannot combine a serious job or hobby with travels, especially as a female. For instance, while I was running severial  companies with my husband, and doing to bookkeeping for 22 other companies I was also zip lining, hiking beachs, and traveling the caribean. Who says I cannot combine crazy travels with other things?

Great time in Vegas really warm out, so you cant wear much lol
So we ended up in the Red Rock area and on the strip braless and taking pics....spicy ones are in the members section. 🙂

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What’s Cassi Travel Blog all about?

My blog is meant to show you my experiences, and explain things I’m familiar with. I’m here to prove that you can be born in an underprivileged country, suffer from chronic diseases and still live an adventurous lifestyle. I aim to show you how can you dream big, travel with purpose and learn from it. If I could do it, you can too! After many requests from my readers and social media followers, I decided to expand this blog by adding some fashion/style aspects in it, including tips for women with a daring side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cassi in British Columbia Canada

Cassi in British Columbia Canada

Q: How do you afford to travel?


While my blog is currently my main (but not the only) source of income, it hasn’t always been that way. I’ve been on the road way before I started travel blogging – 8 years more to be precise. If you’re curious how did I make it all happen please do read my blog and follow along.

And… before anyone starts assuming: while I am never sponsored to travel somewhere,  i take my own trips to places I want to visit.

For instance, no one paid me to go to Dominican Rep or Jamaica, but I went because I wanted to visit these places.


Q: Where are you now?

My current location can be seen on my home page widget as I’m always somewhere on the road. or social media.

Q: What are your must-pack items for every trip?

Most of the time I travel with a small carry-on suitcase only….not ok i take a big bag 🙂 .

Q: Aren’t you home sick on the road when traveling?

Yes, I’ve got home sick many times, but I’ve learned to make friends as I go. Over the years I’ve been making a bunch of friends from universities, travels or work – these days I can easily meet up with friends I made traveling anywhere I go.

Some random facts about me:

    • As you could have seen in my videos on YouTube or Instagram stories I speak English, and i can order a drink in a few others.
    • I adore all wildlife, but my favorite ones are birds, puppys, and dolphins.
    • Cassi Ridder – Google+


Cassi nipples

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