Vancouver May 2008

The¬†Greater Vancouver Zoo¬†is a 120-acre (49¬†ha)¬†zoo¬†located in¬†Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver Game Farm: 1970‚Äď95 In the late 1960s, businessman Pat Hines purchased 120 acres (49¬†ha) in¬†Aldergrove, British Columbia¬†to construct a¬†game farm. At first, Hines registered the business as the¬†World Wide Game Farm Ltd., but on August 20, 1970, the site was opened to the public […]

Vegas Aug 2008

Aria Resort and Casino¬†is a luxury¬†resort¬†and¬†casino, part of the¬†CityCenter¬†complex on the¬†Las Vegas Strip¬†in¬†Paradise, Nevada. Aria consists of two curved glass and steel highrise towers adjoined at the center. It opened on December 16, 2009 as a joint venture between¬†MGM Resorts International¬†and¬†Infinity World Development. At 4,000,000¬†sq¬†ft (370,000¬†m2) and 600¬†ft (180¬†m) in height, it is the largest […]

LAS VEGAS May 2007

as Vegas¬†(/l…Ďňźs¬†ňąve…™…°…ôs/,¬†Spanish¬†for “The Meadows”), officially the¬†City of Las Vegas¬†and often known simply as¬†Vegas, is the¬†28th-most populated city¬†in the¬†United States, the most populated city in the¬†state¬†of¬†Nevada, and the¬†county seat¬†of¬†Clark County. The city anchors the¬†Las Vegas Valley¬†metropolitan area and is the largest city within the greater¬†Mojave Desert.[6]¬†Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major¬†resort city, known primarily for […]

PTO Mexico 2007

Puerto Vallarta¬†(Spanish pronunciation:¬†[ňąpwe…ĺto ő≤aňą éa…ĺta]) is a¬†Mexican¬†beach¬†resort city¬†situated on the Pacific Ocean’s¬†Bah√≠a de Banderas. The 2010 census reported Puerto Vallarta’s population as 255,725[1]¬†making it the fifth largest city in the¬†state¬†of¬†Jalisco, and the second largest¬†urban agglomeration¬†in the state after the¬†Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. The City of Puerto Vallarta is the government seat of the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta […]

Jasper Sept 2007

Jasper¬†is a¬†specialized municipality¬†in western¬†Alberta,¬†Canada. It is the commercial centre of¬†Jasper National Park, located in the¬†Canadian Rockies¬†within the¬†Athabasca River¬†valley. Jasper is approximately 362 kilometres (225¬†mi) west of¬†Edmonton¬†and 290 kilometres (180¬†mi) north of¬†Banff, Alberta, at the intersection of¬†Highway 16¬†(Yellowhead Highway) and¬†Highway 93¬†(Icefields Parkway). The Municipality of Jasper, comprising the Jasper townsite known as the Town of Jasper[5]¬†and […]

Banff Alberta Canada Sept 2007

The Town of Banff was the first municipality to incorporate within a Canadian national park. Banff is a¬†resort town¬†and one of Canada’s most popular¬†tourist destinations. Known for its mountainous surroundings and¬†hot springs, it is a destination for outdoor sports and features extensive¬†hiking,¬†biking,¬†scramblingand¬†skiing¬†destinations within the area. Sunshine Village,¬†Ski Norquay¬†and¬†Lake Louise Mountain Resort¬†are the three nearby¬†ski resorts¬†located […]

Vancouver Island 2006

Vancouver Island British Columbia: Vancouver Island¬†is in the northeastern¬†Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of¬†Canada. It is part of the Canadian¬†province¬†of¬†British Columbia. The island is 460 kilometres (290¬†mi) in length, 100 kilometres (62¬†mi) in width at its widest point,[5]¬†and 32,134¬†km2¬†(12,407¬†sq¬†mi) in area. It is the largest island on the West Coast of North America. The […]

Las Vegas 2005

Las Vegas 2005: Star Trek: The Experience¬†was a themed attraction which opened in January 1998 at the¬†Las Vegas Hilton¬†in¬†Paradise, Nevada,¬†United States, based on the¬†Star Trek¬†entertainment franchise. The pavilion underwent one major renovation in 2004 which added the Borg Invasion¬†4-D attraction, which used state-of-the-art amusement technology where guests experienced an encounter with the¬†Borg. Star Trek: The […]

Jasper National Park 2002

Jasper National Park: Jasper National Park¬†is the largest¬†national park¬†in the¬†Canadian Rockies, spanning 10,878¬†km2¬†(4,200¬†sq¬†mi). It is located in the province of¬†Alberta, north of¬†Banff National Park¬†and west of¬†Edmonton. The park includes the¬†glaciers¬†of the¬†Columbia Icefield,¬†hot springs,¬†lakes,¬†waterfalls¬†and¬†mountains. History Jasper was named after¬†Jasper Hawes, who operated a¬†trading post¬†in the region for the¬†North West Company. Before this it was referred to […]

Fort Edmonton Park 2001

Fort Edmonton Park on the banks of the North Sask river in Edmonton Alberta. Fort Edmonton Park¬†is an attraction in¬†Edmonton,¬†Alberta, Canada. Named for the first enduring European post in the area of modern-day Edmonton, the park is the largest¬†living history¬†museum in Canada by area.¬†It includes both original and rebuilt historical structures representing the history of […]